Fire Sprinkler Training Courses

Fire safety courses for building owners, engineers, firefighters and employees.

Master Your Sprinkler System

NIFCO Mechanical offers Fire Sprinkler training courses to equip firefighters, building owners, engineers, architects and employees with knowledge about fire safety systems. Choose from any of the four offered courses below to become a knowledge matter expert in your facility.

Fire Sprinkler 101

Fire Sprinkler 101 is an introductory two hour course on the basics of fire sprinkler systems. Topics include Fire Sprinkler history, an overview of basic design, system types, fire pumps and system maintenance. This course is for building maintenance personnel, building owners, firefighters, code officials and for those interested in the fire safety careers.

Basic Fire Sprinkler System Design Course

This one hour course covers classification of occupancies, evaluation of water supplies, basic hydraulic design, system types, system layout, fir and sprinkler heads. This course is meant for architects, engineers, code officials and those interested in fire safety careers.

Fire Pumps Training Course

NIFCO’s Fire Pumps course covers fire pump types, components, operation and maintenance. This one hour course is meant for building maintenance personnel, firefighters, architects, engineers and those interested in fire safety careers.

Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance Course

This course covers the how’s and whys of fire sprinkler inspection and maintenance. Topics include testing and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems, best practices and the requirements of NFPA 25 Standard for the Inspection. This course is intended for building owners, maintenance personnel and those interested in fire safety careers.

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