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The OPPD plant in Nebraska City used NIFCO to designed and install the intricate Vortex Industrial Fire Sprinkler System. Vortex Fire Suppression is the newest of the fire sprinkler extinguishing systems available today. It's unique combination of Mist Fire Suppression and Clean Agent Fire Suppression technologies to create an environment that will not sustain combustion and yet not be a detriment to human occupancy.

    Key Benefits:
  • With smaller water drops there is minimal wetting
  • Nitrogen is safe to use with people still in the room
  • GREEN design that is completely safe for the environment
    When designing industrial fire sprinkler systems NIFCO has to take into account the other combustible attributes of the facility and the type of system needed for the plant to have the greatest effect of stopping a fire before it can spread.
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Nebraska City, NE

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    Project Manager:
    Aaron Kenning

Aaron Kenning, Project Manager

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